What to do on Embarkation Day

Make the Most of Arrival Day to Ensure A Great Start to Your Holiday!

Here are some tips on what to do on embarkation day…

It’s the big day you’ve been looking forward to for so long – the day you board your cruise ship.  We suggest you arrive early  (Unless you’ve been given a specific time to board) to maximise your organisational time onboard before sailing. If you come too early you may find you’ve joined what can often be a long queue of early birds keen to get onboard first. Time your arrival at the terminal just after the boarding period starts so the line-up has mostly cleared.

  1. Unpack your belongings in the cabin as soon as your luggage arrives so you can feel settled as soon as possible. Check the TV channels in your stateroom so you can find relaxing music to play to put you in a cruising mood as soon as possible.
  2. Introduce yourself to your cabin steward and make any special requests you have.
  3. In your carry-on bag, pack a change of clothing and swimsuit so you can feel comfortable if it’s warm and take a dip in the ship’s pools and spas when they are crowd-free on embarkation day. You’ll feel like the cruise has already started!
  4. Enjoy lunch on board the ship – remember that the buffet can often be crowded on embarkation day, so see if the ship’s other restaurants are open. If lunching at the buffet, take your meal outdoors to the pool areas where there is often more room.
  5. Take a walk around the ship to get your bearings and check on opening and closing times for the gym, pools, kids clubs and shops etc.
  6. Check out the ship’s schedule of events left in your cabin so you can see what’s on today and familiarise yourself with the layout of the daily bulletin.
  7. Book gym classes, spa sanctuary sessions and any adult/premium deck areas for the cruise to ensure you secure your spots early. Shore tours can book out very quickly so if you haven’t done so already get onto that today.
  8. The purser’s desk on boarding day can be very busy – leave any inquiries until the next day if you can or use the phone in your cabin to contact reception.
  9. Bring a calculator and work out if the onboard drink packages are good value for you.
  10. See the maitre d’ at the designated times he or she is available as advertised in the ship’s newsletter if you wish to change your allocated dining times.
  11. The lifts can be very busy on embarkation day as luggage is loaded and passenger explore the ship so take the stairs if you can.
  12. Take time to stroll onto the open decks to enjoy the excitement of sail away time as your ship officially begins your dream voyage.

We’re here to chat about these suggestions and so much more to make your cruise a holiday of a lifetime. Call us 1300 766 537 or visit our website.

Is the Cruise Fare Fair?

We can’t recommend enough to do your homework!

Research Research Research…

You’re ready for a cruise holiday and you’ve done your research but the fares you’ve unearthed vary significantly. Should you grab the cheapest deal or is the more expensive cruise fare a better value offer? We help you solve the dilemma so you get a fair deal on your next escape to sea…Is your cruise fare fair?

Australia is now the fastest-growing cruise region in the world and with that has come an ocean of cruise fares with so much choice that selecting the right deal can often be overwhelming and confusing. A common scenario is different prices for the same cruise. The most important advice we have at Cruise Express is to compare apples with apples and to look more closely what each fare includes so you can find the true value of a package.

The lowest fare may not always offer the best deal

As they say, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And let’s face it, holidays are very emotional purchases and far more important than buying a fridge or a car. As we grow older, we recall the great travel experiences we enjoyed more than what cars we bought during our lifetime. Holidays create life-enduring memories we cherish forever so it’s important you pick the travel deal that delivers the quality holiday you deserve.

The important factors to explore…

The cruise itinerary itself may look the same on two different fare deals but here are some vital questions you should ask yourself before you invest your hard-earned money on your dream cruise holiday…

  1. Does the fare advertised include return flights to where the cruise starts and ends?
  2. If the package does include flights, what airline will you be flying – a full-service airline with meals, more seat space, entertainment and a higher baggage allowance or a low-cost airline where you need to pay for extras?
  3. Are the flights direct, with only one stop and short connections, or longer with multiple stops?
  4. Is hotel accommodation included in the package before or after your cruise? And where are the hotels located – in the heart of the city close to major attractions and public transport or much further away? And is the hotel of budget or deluxe standard?
  5. How many meals are included in the holiday package, especially before and after the cruise itself?
  6. Are transfers included – for example, from the airport to your hotel and from the hotel to the ship and then back to the airport after your cruise? If not, these can be expensive.
  7. Is the tour hosted, with an escort or Tour Manager looking after all the travel details along the way so you can relax and enjoy the holiday – or will you be travelling on your own?
  8. How long is each package – how many days does the entire package last for?
  9. Learn what type of cruise line will you be sailing with and what style of ship – budget, mid-range or luxury?
  10. Check the inclusions for the cruise itself – beverages, shore tours, exclusive welcome aboard receptions, specialty restaurant dining, stateroom canapes and onboard spending credits?
  11. What type of cabin is offered for the fare you have found – an Oceanview, Balcony or Interior cabin?
  12. Is the cruise deal you spotted offered by a travel agency with friendly, helpful staff who will offer you personalised service, security and also help if needed until you return home or is the company just an internet site with little personal contact so that you are just a booking number in the system?

Taking all these factors into account, that low fare option may no longer look like a good deal after all if it doesn’t include direct flights on a premium airline, reputable, centrally located hotels, transfers, hotel meals or the support of a full-service travel agency staffed by experts who really care about you and your holiday.

At Cruise Express, our experienced staff are dedicated to finding the best deal for you. We believe our cruise packages offer excellent value for money. We use full-service airlines offering direct flights, premium cruise lines and centrally located, deluxe hotels in our packages. Transfers, meals and other extras are often included too and, as you know, many of our cruise tours are escorted by our expert team, delivering even more value. We also pride ourselves on friendly and personalised service from your first call to the moment you return home. And even then, we want to know all about your holiday because that’s our passion.

Cruise Express are your experienced professionals with the answers to all your cruise fare enquiries. Let us help you book a great deal for your next cruise holiday.  Call today on 1300 766 537.

Interview with our Director

Cruise Express Director, Hardy Schneider’s passion is travel and has been fortunate enough to have been doing this for over 40 years.  He has a few pearls of wisdom to share…

First, Business or Economy (and why)?

Because I spend up to six months overseas every year hosting and managing our tour groups, I generally travel in Business Class so I can be fresh on arrival and hit the ground running.

Most frequented destination?

Europe, where we host most of our cruise tours, is my main destination with three visits there this year but this year I am also managing tours in the UK, Africa, India, South America and even Antarctica so, yes, I do get around this planet a fair bit!

If I ran my own airline I would…(tell us what you would do differently or better than the way airlines are currently run)

So many airlines are paring back their onboard offerings to cut costs but I think it’s the little touches like a sparkling wine before take-off that passengers really appreciate and miss when it’s taken away which seems to have happened on many airlines recently. Personally, I love carriers that provide passengers with pyjamas so you don’t have to sleep in the clothes you wear on arrival. Little pleasures can make a real difference and I think there is a market segment willing to pay a little more for premium service.

Where’s the worst place you’ve been lost?

I don’t usually get lost but I was once hosting one of our cruise tour groups in Egypt and after I told all our guests, who were heading off for some shopping time in the bustling Grand Bazaar in Cairo, to meet the bus at a designated spot outside the bazaar, I quickly got lost in the bazaar myself. I was hassled by so many hawkers that I lost all sense of direction in the maze of alleyways. I had no idea where I was. It was like a scene from the ‘Life of Brian’, with goats being slaughtered and blacksmiths working on fires all around me. I am very meticulous with time and duty so I was determined to meet our passengers back at the bus on time. Luckily, a local pointed me back to the spot and I arrived just in time but in a lather of sweat although I doubt any of the guests would have known of my preceding panic!

Most memorable overseas dining?

I will never forget the moment a waiter on the five-star Silver Spirit grabbed a huge sword off the wall and swiftly and very spectacularly sliced off the head of our bottle of champagne for an anniversary our party was celebrating. Don’t try that at home! A breakfast on a boat in the Amazon jungle was pretty surreal but another memorable meal was a lunch at Le Train Bleu – the extravagant restaurant inside Gare de Lyon railway station in Paris where English royalty used to dine between trains. It’s the same restaurant featured in the film, ‘Mr Bean’s Holiday’, but my experience there was much more refined and relaxed! But my all-time favourite culinary experience can be found at Paul Bocuse’s fine dining restaurant in Lyon, France.

What’s in the suitcase?

There’s always far too much in my suitcase. You would think that after directing so many tours for 15 years I would learn but I often give Imelda Marcos a run for her money with all the shoes I bring. I pack lots of overseas adaptors – to give to our clients who have forgotten theirs – and also our little Cruise Express mascot, ‘Duck’, who travels with us everywhere and insists on being photographed at famous places around the world.

How do you make the most of a spare afternoon in a strange city?

I love to walk so whenever I have a few spare hours I grab a map and advice from the hotel concierge and explore a city on foot. Paris and Vienna are two of my favourite places to wander around.

Any travel tips?

Never leave home without travel insurance and never stop exploring as much of the world as you can. It’s a wonderful planet we live on so travel with open eyes and a positive attitude because life is too short to look for negatives.

What technology do you use?

I bring my iPhone and laptop with me and use free wi-fi to keep in touch with our head office in Sydney.

Best overseas purchase?

If I brought souvenirs from all my trips, my home would be overflowing so I look for special pieces like a rug I bought in Turkey once. It’s in my bedroom so every time I wake up I am reminded of my time there.

Best travelling tale?

We are very passionate about service at Cruise Express but sometimes not everything goes to plan on tour like when a suitcase containing evening formal wear for one of our client couples went missing just before we boarded Queen Mary 2 in Cape Town. I was determined for the bag to turn up so the couple could enjoy the ship’s famous black tie events so I hit the phones, went to the airport cargo area and spent hours tracking the bag from Johannesburg to Cape Town. I was told there was no way the bag could make the ship before we sailed but I spoke to a cargo worker in charge who promised he would have a driver on standby to rush the suitcase to the ship. The ship’s crew were starting to remove the gangways but just as the life boat drill finished I saw the courier car arrive at the wharf. I dashed off the ship and picked up the suitcase. While I was last to board, I had the suitcase finally in my hand. What a relief!

Best thing about travelling?

Visiting new and exciting places and immersing yourself in diverse cultures is a great learning experience but for me the greatest gift of my travels are the amazing friendships you make abroad with locals and also our tour guests. They start as customers and end a tour as family and friends.

Top travel gripe?

Visas are a real hassle to deal with and I don’t like being called an ‘alien’ in airport immigration queues!

If you would like to book a trip with Hardy and his wealth of knowledge, please contact Cruise Express on 1300 766 537.

Why a Hosted Cruise Tour is Your Express Ticket to a Dream Holiday

Whether you want to sail the seven seas on your own or with a group, Cruise Express can book any holiday for you but the cruise tours we regularly host around the world are amongst the most popular holiday options we sell, with many customers enjoying our diverse range of escorted voyages.

From Africa to Antarctica, Europe to America and Great Britain to Asia, Cruise Express is famous for the successful and popular cruise tours we lead to all corners of the globe.

So let’s look at the many reasons that make hosted cruise tours a great holiday option for you to consider on your next journey abroad…


Hosted Cruise Tours are:

1. EASY – Escorted tours are the easiest way to see the world. All the paperwork, transfers and travel details are taken care of so your holiday is hassle-free. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy yourself!

2. SAFE – You’re with a group led by experts so safety is heightened, particularly in more exotic destinations like Africa and South America where it makes sense to travel with a tour group. And if you lose anything or have a mishap or problem, we are there to help you.

3. AFFORDABLE – You enjoy the benefits of the group discounts we obtain. Add up all the inclusions and you’ll see our value-for-money group tour fares are hard to beat. One of the best deals are our exclusive shore excursion packages where you travel with fellow Cruise Express passengers from Australia on our own coach to see the highlights of each port we visit. No need to book your own land tours and no need to queue at the shore tours desk!

4. FUN – Yes we have lots of fun on our tours with a great sense of camaraderie and high spirits shared amongst the group. We often host complimentary welcome aboard and farewell cocktail parties at sea too during our tours and they are also lots of fun!

5. FRIENDLY – It’s almost impossible not to forge new friendships with fellow, like-minded guests on our tours. Clients tell us over and over that the friendships they have formed on tour have lasted many years.

6. STYLISH – Well, the cruise tours we host are stylish anyway, with our guests staying at premium hotels, flying with full-service airlines and enjoying blue ribbon experiences all the way.

7. IDEAL FOR SOLO PASSENGERS – If you’re a lone traveller you’ll be part of the family on our group tours, with everything taken care of for you.

8. FLEXIBLE – You can spend time with the group or on your own whenever you want.

9. INSIGHTFUL – In addition to the friendly Cruise Express host leading the group, local guides also join us along the way, showing us special places you would have missed on your own and giving us a local’s insight into the destinations we visit. You’ll learn all the secrets about the ports we visit, the ships we sail on and the best places to shop.

10. TRUSTED – As one of Australia’s leading specialist cruise agencies and the recipient of many awards, Cruise Express has laid out the red carpet on escorted cruise tours since 2001 so you know you’ll be in good hands!

Call us today on 1300 557 031 for more information or visit our website www.cruiseexpress.com.au

Shore Tours – To Do or Not to Do?

The Journey or the Destination?

Your guide to making the most informed decisions 

Cruise Shore ToursWe all love cruising and we know the journey and the ship are intrinsic elements of a memorable holiday afloat but of course, the ports you visit make a cruise even more sensational. Some die-hard cruisers love nothing more than endless days at sea and don’t even get off in port but for many, the destinations a ship takes you are the main reasons for selecting a particular cruise, so choosing the right cruise shore tours are essential.

So what’s the plan when your ship drops anchor or docks at a port? Should you buy one of the line’s organised cruise shore tours or head ashore to explore on your own?


Long before your cruise read about the places you will visit on your itinerary via guidebooks, brochures, and tourism websites.

That way you can learn what are the must-do sights and experiences. Also be sure to ask your well-travelled Cruise Express Consultant about their suggestions of what to see and do as they may know special, ‘secret’ places off the beaten tourist trail. Armed with this knowledge, you can decide what shore tour to buy, if any, or if you can or should seek out those places on your own.

Shore Tours – Rip off or Money Well Spent?

Booking an organised shore excursion through the ship can come with a hefty price tag, but it’s hassle-free and you know the tour will be professionally run by reputable operators. The ship will also wait for its own shore tour guests to return at the end of the day, even if their tours are running late. Groups on tours usually gain express VIP entry into major attractions. Solo passengers and others may also appreciate the opportunity to see a place with other cruise passengers and the chance to make new friends.

Travelling in more remote or third world destinations may make you feel uncomfortable. Where English is rare or safety and security are issues, then an organised shore tour also makes good sense. If a port visit or tour is cancelled, you’ll also receive a refund from the cruise line.

On the flip side, organised shore tours can involve a bit of waiting and you need to follow the leader and stick with the group which can frustrate budding explorers. Seeing a destination blur through the windows of a coach can also be restrictive for some who may see something they want to see up close.

Cruise Shore ToursCruise Express Shore Tour Packages

Trying to select the right shore tour can be confusing so to make it easy on the many tours Cruise Express hosts around the world, we often offer our groups shore tour packages with a tour in each port. These packages are often cheaper than if you buy them individually through the ship and they comprise of our own Cruise Express guests so you’ll be among friends. There are no booking hassles either, with our team looking after all the details so these packages are well worth considering on our group trips.

Tips for Shore Tours

If you have decided to buy a cruise shore tour, it’s a good idea to book in advance from home. You don’t want to board your Alaska-bound cruise ship only to discover that all the glacier helicopter trips and bear-spotting tours you wanted to do are all sold out. Exciting and unique adventures like these sell quickly so don’t miss out.

Opt for a half-day shore tour, leaving you with time to explore on your own for the rest of the day. You can often also ask your tour driver or guide to drop you off in the centre of town at the end of the tour rather than back at the ship so you can do some exploration and shopping on your own. Shuttles back to the ship can often be free for shore tour passengers doing this.

Whether you’re on a tour or on your own, it’s always a wonderful experience to dine in a restaurant where you can feast on the local cuisine. Some passengers make a point of returning to the ship for lunch because it’s included but occasionally just pull up a chair in a romantic trattoria where the view, sanctuary, and food are what the real memories are made of.

Independent Sightseeing – The Pros and Cons

If you’re willing and able, seeing a port on your own can be freeing, exhilarating and rewarding. By catching local buses, trains or ferries you get to experience a destination as a local. You’ll also meet locals and have time to enjoy places that interest you while grabbing a coffee in a cafe anywhere you want.

In many cities such as Venice, New York, Vancouver, San Francisco, Monaco, Santorini, and Dubrovnik, it’s relatively easy, and a pleasure to walk ashore and explore the city by foot. You don’t need an expensive shore excursion to savour the magic of Venice’s maze of canals and pathways.

But when you’re on your own, you’re on your own, with no help from tour guides and hosts or the cruise line if something goes wrong or you get lost. The ship won’t wait for you if you miss the sailing time either.

There are lots of YouTube videos showing passengers running and screaming in vain down the pier while their ship slips away. Funny yes – unless it’s you! Also, if you’ve organised and paid for your own private tour in advance and the ship doesn’t end up visiting that port, maybe because of rough weather, you may lose your money.

Tips for independent touring ashore

cruise shore tours

After checking a ship’s list of cruise tours you can often see that it’s relatively easy and much cheaper to do the activities on your own. For instance in Juneau, Alaska, you can buy a cruise tour from the ship that takes you up the spectacular Mt Roberts tramway high above the city or you can just walk the short distance from the ship to the bottom cable car terminal and buy a ticket yourself, cutting out the middleman.

When touring on your own, yes, plan ahead certainly, with a rough idea of what you want to see and do but don’t over-plan or over-schedule everything to the last minute. Allow for delays and for unexpected sights that will take your interest. When you’re on holiday it’s easy to forget that locals are not, so be aware that morning and evening rush hours can be busy and may slow down your touring plans.

Use local transport to get around – e.g. ferries, trams or subways and consider bikes as a wonderful way to see a local destination. Taxis, when shared by two or more passengers, can also be an economical way of getting around a destination. If you’re heading to a destination further afield in a cab, be sure to set a flat fare at the start of the trip to avoid being taken for a ride! Hop-on, hop-off tourist buses in many popular destinations are also an ideal way of seeing a city.

If your ship docks some distance from the city, e.g. in Rome, see if a shuttle is available for purchase so you can get to the city and then explore on your own rather than on a group tour. Of course, the big tip when sightseeing on your own is to check the time you need to be back onboard before you go ashore for the day and then keep an eye on the time through the day, leaving plenty of time up your sleeve. It’s always a good idea to be back onboard at least 30 minutes before the recommended time to ensure you are not stressing about missing the boat!

The world’s a beautiful place with lots of amazing destinations to visit so whether you explore them on a tour or on your own, we hope each experience enriches your holiday and your understanding of the many colourful cultures and spectacular places that lie over the horizon.

For your personalised travel specialist, call us today on 1300 766 537.

Bon Voyage from Cruise Express!

Cruise Shore Tours