Duck At Sea - Cruise Express' Cruising Mascot, Duck!

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Duck At Sea!

Our fun and feathered friend, Duck, has stretched his wings to all seven continents and there’s no sign of him slowing down – especially now he has all his ducks in a row!

Where did Duck come from?

Duck used to cruise around a bathtub but soon became bored so he escaped! Duck planned to float around the oceans of the world but only got as far as Sydney Harbour. Luckily Cruise Express Director, Hardy, saw him bobbing around near the Cruise Express’ Balmain office and decided to take Duck under his wing and show him the world. Duck was appointed our official mascot in 2013 and has been travelling and cruising ever since!

How can Duck help you?

Duck is out there exploring the world, travelling on many ships and to destinations galore. You can share in his adventures, read his tips and insights on our Facebook page and in our monthly enewsletter. If you join one of our Escorted Voyages, you will have the pleasure of getting to know Duck yourself!

Where is Duck going next?

Duck is busy again helping out on Cruise Express Escorted Voyages, having already been to Japan and the Northern Lights a few times in 2019! Next, he is off to visit the Queen and flap around the rest of Europe, New Zealand for a bit of crochet and wine tasting, the Northwest Passage, Dubai, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Israel and many train journeys along Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Plus in 2020, he will help out on more heritage rail trips in Australia as well as visits back to Japan, Antarctica, Oslo and Norway – wow his frequent flyer point must be through the roof – not that he needs them!

What a busy duck! If you would like to join him on one of his tours, fill out an enquiry form or check out details of our upcoming Escorted Voyages.

What is Duck like to travel with?

Duck doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is fun, adventurous, happy go lucky and likes a laugh. Cruise Express group guests have grown fond of Duck and his adventurous spirit. He loves being photographed as you will see from our photo gallery. If you tell him he loves the camera too much, it’s really like water off a duck’s back!

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