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What is the probability of seeing an Aurora?
As we are in nature’s hands we cannot guarantee a sighting, but there is an over 95% chance of encountering the stunning beauty of the Southern Lights in a magnificent, unforgettable display.

How long will we see the Aurora for?
As you will appreciate, the Aurora is a natural phenomenon, so this can never be guaranteed. However, on two previous charter flights, passengers enjoyed four and six hours of viewing.

How does the seat swap work?
There will be a seat swap during the flight for most passengers. As can be seen on the Seat Swap diagram on the Seating Plan, the aim is to give passengers in the seating classes that will be doing a seat swap time in a window seat or seat next to a window. The helpful Qantas staff onboard will facilitate the seat swap and instruct on the cleaning regime required during this process. Please note Economy class – Limited View passengers will not be doing a seat swap.

What if it is bad weather?
As we fly above the clouds and the weather systems and due to the great navigational ability of the Dreamliner, sightings of the Aurora should not be affected by weather.

Where will we fly?
From departure, we will head south aiming for latitudes of 62 degrees south; the ultimate flight path will depend on where we find the Aurora.

What time will we fly?
To get the best Auroras we need to fly at night. This means that flights will depart mid evening and arrive home early the next morning.

What are the Aurora colours going to look like?
The Aurora Australis photographs on this website were taken during previous flights from New Zealand. The naked eye will see them clearly, although modern digital cameras have greater sensitivity and can capture more colours and greater contrast.

Are there any age restrictions for the flight?
There is no age restriction on the flights and no change to the fares for adults or children. Please note this is a long flight for young children and we recommend the trip for children aged eight years and over. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Can I use or redeem Qantas Frequent Flyer points or credits for my flight?
As these are chartered flights, they do not accumulate or accept frequent flyer points. Any credits held with Qantas can also not be used to purchase these flights.

Can I access the Qantas Airport Lounge?
Although we are using a Qantas aircraft this is a chartered flight, not a scheduled Qantas flight. Therefore it is not possible to access the Qantas Airport Lounge before or after the flight, regardless of the seating class you have booked.

Can I reserve a particular seat?
You can select a seating class but not a particular seat. The seating allocation will be finalised close to departure, taking into consideration all booking requirements.

Can I offset the carbon emissions from my flight?
As a member of Responsible Travel, Chimu Adventures has always put measures in place to reduce our impact on the environment. We will be offsetting the carbon emissions of all Southern Lights Flights.

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