Icons of the Outback, April 2021

It was the most wonderful experience and certainly one of the best tours we have ever done. Flying in our own chartered plane with a great group, Everything was just AMAZING. We loved every minute of it from start to finish and we highly recommend this tour.
Congratulations Hardy & Cruise Express on your first ‘Icons of the Outback’ Flightseeing Tour.
Lorraine & Christine, NSW

Opera on the Farm, March 2021

Cheryl and I want to thank you, Hardy, Richard and Adriana for a wonderful trip to Griffith. We enjoyed the experience very much.

The food was fantastic and the rooms we had were superb. We enjoyed sightseeing, the Opera and exploring the regional towns museums and local businesses. We were also thrilled to get to ride in the locomotive cabin on the way back to Sydney!

We look forward to a future rail trip, maybe making it an annual event.

Paul & Cheryl, Erina, NSW

Coastal Wilds Of Tasmania, February 2021

I would strongly recommend it to others, a totally satisfying cruise at all levels!

First the departing – the Tassie entry permit was easy to apply for online and clear in its directions about zones etc. As I was flying from Sydney which was an orange zone at the time, I had to travel direct to the airport by car with no stops other than for petrol or by plane – in other words NO TRAIN – I believe some (not on our tour) who did travel to the airport by train were asked to spend 2 weeks in quarantine or return home but I had no such issues and the arrival process was welcoming and straightforward. As for the Covid test I just had it done at one of the testing areas run by the local Area Health Service which provides a formal record of attendance and then the result was sent to my smartphone so I just showed that to the medical officer at pre-departure check-in where a copy was taken.

There were only 11 passengers on our cruise which included the medical officer and wife plus two guest lecturers so we formed a small cohesive group well looked after by the crew. Meals were excellent, staff were unfailingly attentive, friendly and solicitous to our needs. The talks were informative and low key in delivery encouraging participation with the topics complementing and providing further understanding of the excursions available and the areas we were travelling through.

As set out in the pre-departure information, some of the walks were a little more strenuous than I was prepared to undertake but there was no pressure to do other than what suited individual comfort and not doing everything did not detract from the overall experience. The scenery was spectacular and we all felt privileged to visit such wonderful areas. The weather was a major determinant in the itinerary and did result in reducing the time spent on the west coast for us however the ship’s Master sat with us to outline his concerns and intended response so that we were at all times aware of what was about to happen and why.

Kath, Sydney, NSW

* As Australians are slowly beginning to cruise locally again, this feedback was written by a Cruise Express client on her recent cruise aboard Coral Discoverer.

Antarctica in a Day, February 2021

Unbelievable, powerful, majestic, strong, fragile and white, service sensational, terrific crew, commentary beyond belief, amazing food, very skilled Captain and crew – I could go on but thank you for being part of this process.

Sonya, Buderim, QLD

Wearing with Pride, May 2020

I want you all to know that when we go on a cruise we wear the navy blue Cruise Express lanyard with pride. We do this because we know that we have the best cruise and travel organisation in Australia looking after Cheryl and me.

Here’s a recent picture of Cheryl and I proudly wearing the Cruise Express lanyards.

We have paid a deposit with Cruise Express for a cruise in late January 2021 and we will be using Cruise Express again later next year for a second cruise.

We value the expertise, that Cruise Express offers, to have our cruise arrangements sorted perfectly.

Paul & Cheryl, Erina NSW