Cruisin’ with the Family

Booking a cruising holiday for families with young or not-so-young children is a wonderful experience with so many options on offer.  Outlined below are a few of Cruise Express’ favourite suggestions to help parents and children have the best holiday possible!

1. Size Counts – Choose a larger resort-style ship which offers more facilities for kids and teenagers and more clubs for different age categories. Bigger ships also carry more kids so your brood can make friends more easily.

2. School Holidays – If you can and your kids are young enough and not in senior years at school, take a cruise outside school holiday periods when there are more cabins available and fares (even airfares) are more affordable. You’ll be surprised at how many other kids there will be onboard for your children to mix with.

3. Activities – Many larger cruise ships today have water slides, rock climbing walls, wave-surfing pools and flying foxes which are huge hits with older kids.

4. Package – Before you leave or as soon as you board, buy a soft drink/ice cream package for your kids so they can enjoy unlimited refreshments during the cruise, saving you money in the long run.

5. Rooms – If your children are small, sharing a 4-person cabin with bunks is ideal but if they are older, you’ll be falling over each other. Many ships offer interconnecting cabins or you can opt to get neighbouring cabins – next to each other or one outside/balcony cabin and one inside cabin directly opposite the hallways to save money.

6. Balcony – If your kids are young, a balcony cabin is not recommended for safety reasons. An outside cabin with a window or porthole will be just as exciting for the kids and you won’t need to keep an eye on them constantly.

7. Kid’s Clubs – Encourage the children and allow yourselves to take advantage of the Kid’s Clubs. That way they can have lots of fun and you as parents can enjoy relaxing time together, meeting up as a family at times throughout the day for meals.

8. Dinner Sittings – If your kids are under 12, opt for the first sitting dinner or book earlier dinner times if your ship offers open dining.

9. Ashore – When ashore don’t try to pack too much into the day, particularly in hot, tropical zones, as the kids will tire quickly. A morning excursion could work best before returning to the ship for a late lunch and afternoon siesta!

10. Duration – Shorter cruises of under 10 days are better suited to families. There are weekend and 5-day cruises from Australia or longer 7-10 day cruises to Queensland or through the South Pacific which the kids will love.

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