Seven Seas Explorer

Reviewed by: Richard Boyce  

Date: 22 December 2023

Cruise line and ship: Regent Seven Seas Cruises – Seven Seas Explorer

Year built: 2015
Size of ship: 224 meters in length – 55,254 grt
Passenger capacity: 750 (Crew: 552)    
Where the ship cruises: Worldwide
Currency onboard: USD

Check in and boarding – Passengers booked into suites and past passengers have a dedicated check in queue. For us agents, boarding was quick and seamless. A handy reminder for all passengers regardless is that all bags are scanned and checked, firstly in the terminal, then once again after boarding. Plan ahead especially if wearing or carrying any metal items such as belts, watches and other belongings.

First impressions – I was immediately struck by dark walls, heavy and comfortable looking furniture and chandeliers everywhere. But the ship has a long list of passenger spaces which have widely ranging atmospheres… more on this later. Safe enough to say the feel is very much like walking into the foyer of a luxurious boutique hotel.

Suites – there are no cabins on this ship; every room is a suite with balcony. All rooms feature large wardrobes, marble bathrooms, luxurious finishes, glorious looking beds, a seating area and high grade balcony furniture. I noted that all suites had a USB port next to the bed – very handy and a nice touch. All rooms also had metal drink containers provided complimentary in an effort to reduce single use plastics. Note – bring a power point adaptor with you.

All suites receive a welcome bottle of sparkling wine, with guests in each area of the ship invited to attend a small pre-departure get together with their neighbours. Let the party begin!

What else is included as you go higher in room grade? A lot as it turns out. Concierge suites and above are fitted with an Illy coffee maker and as the suites get larger, so does the lounge area, bathroom, wardrobe and balcony. Passengers in the higher grades also receive a one night pre cruise hotel stay with transfers.

The larger suites feature a generous amount of space, with enormous wardrobes, bathrooms and the largest balconies I have seen on any ship. If you’d really like to spread out, the Regent Suite is quite simply staggering. Taking up the entire forward end of Deck 14, this gigantic suite has two bedrooms, a large lounge area with grand piano, bar, indoor and outdoor dining areas, its own spa / bathroom with heated relaxation beds and a wardrobe / dressing area that I wondered how anyone could possibly fill it up with clothing or shoes! By the way, this suite comes with its own butler, barman, dedicated concierge and private car with driver in every port.

Value for money – Remember, buying a so called suite on other ships, adding a compatible beverage package, adding every shore excursion – you may well pay far more than a comparable suite onboard Explorer.

Washing – the best news here is you won’t have to! Gone is the gauntlet of self serve laundries or coming back to find your clothes on the floor. A valet laundry service is included for all grades of suite!

Passenger areas – I was quite keen to see the much hyped infinity pool at the rear of the ship and was surprised to find this is actually part of the spa area (Deck 5 aft). This isn’t ever a part of the ship that I would frequent so I was then keen to see if the main pool would function well for all other passengers. Fortunately the main pool is large with beautiful sun lounges scattered about, most of which have shade. Food is never far away with a pool side grill and the ‘buffet’ next door.

Lounges – there are two. The Explorers Lounge (Deck 4 midships / port) and the Meridien Lounge (one deck above). Both serve as multi function spaces for entertainment, dancing, trivia games etc. There is also a large amount of comfy seating opposite Reception for those who love to people watch, and outside the Compass Rose Restaurant should you be waiting for a table.

The Observation Lounge is perched high on the ship looking forward over the bow on Deck 11. This dark and moody space, with appropriate bar and well spaced furniture provides arguably the best views on the ship. There is also a small dance floor here for those who still have energy into the wee hours.

Just aft of this room (starboard) is the Library which is large, beautifully decorated and well stocked, though curiously without the sort of furniture that might invite you to linger. There is also a card room on the port side for those wishing to take up an entertaining round of Bridge or Canasta.

Entertainment – At the forward end of Decks 4 & 5 is the Constellation Theatre. There are no columns in this room meaning every seat has good sight lines of the stage. While I didn’t experience any performances myself, I did note that the seating was comfortable and was advised drinks and snacks are served to your seat.

Smoking – If you’re a smoker, there are dedicated outdoor areas that won’t make you feel like you’re in the naughty corner – with the same furniture as found elsewhere. There is also a dedicated cigar lounge indoors near the Card Room (yes you can smoke here too). A nice range of cigars are available for purchase.

Casino – it’s not large and is tucked out of the way on Deck 4 / midships in its own room. We were assured it is very popular, often operating well into the night.

Sports and exercise – the top level of the spa area features a small gym (Deck 6 aft). Higher up on Deck 12 there is a jogging track, golf net, shuffleboard court, bocce court, paddle tennis court and a small putting green. Quite impressive for a ship this size.

Dining – You won’t be starved for choice but many of the alternative dining areas are booked out well in advance before the ship even sails. The advice here is not to stress and wait until you are onboard. There is a dedicated office near reception for dining reservations and many people change their preferences once onboard so remain flexible and it’s likely you will be able to enjoy a variety of dining options. The most popular dining time is 7:30pm, so dining outside this peak period may work to your advantage. Guests booked in the Regent Suite have a small dedicated dining room downstairs just for them to entertain friends, if the in room dining and multiple offerings elsewhere don’t appeal.

The buffet – isn’t one, at least not compared to any other ship. La Veranda (Deck 11 aft) is large and airy and looks more like a glamorous restaurant. The self serve dessert station had spectacular looking offerings that even tempted people such as myself that don’t really like dessert. Authentic pizzas, made to order steaks, lovely salads and a cheese station that really was hard to ignore. This dining area also spills out to the back deck. Tables not under cover have large market umbrellas instead. All tables are ready set with cutlery and glassware. This is hardly buffet territory at all.

The main restaurant – Compass Rose (Deck 4 midships) is a simply gorgeous room. Photos don’t do this light and airy room justice. I noted plenty of tables for two and four. The menus aren’t as extensive as I thought they might be but are varied with beautiful quality, plenty of healthy options including dietary – and are artfully served on large Rosenthal Versace plates. You’re unlikely to be disappointed!

Pacific Rim (Deck 5 port / aft) – At the entrance you walk past a Tibetan Prayer wheel – be prepared for an evening of Pan-Asian flavours in elegant surroundings.
Chartreuse (Deck 10 port / aft) – This is a restaurant with a modern French menu and attention to detail you’ll notice. The décor has a Parisian feel, matching the French inspired menu.

Prime 7 (Deck 10 starboard / aft) – Think American steak house and you’re about on the money. New York strip, porterhouse, filet mignon, smoked salmon with a phenomenal tamarind-whiskey sauce… you won’t leave hungry! This is a beautiful room with intricate ceiling and deep tub chairs inviting a long meal.
Sette Mari (Deck 11 aft / La Veranda) – in the evenings enjoy an extensive menu of authentic antipasti and Italian specialties served á la carte and paired with fine Italian wines. The venue is part of La Veranda (the buffet that isn’t one!)

The Culinary Arts Kitchen (Deck 10 port / forward) provides you the opportunity to take classes with the talented onboard chefs. These highly sought after classes are well worth booking in advance and are perfect for anyone who wants to polish their skills or learn new ones in a commercial grade kitchen.

Coffee. Yes there is the truly undrinkable American stuff onboard – fair enough as this ship does carry many US passengers. However those from other countries including Australia will be relieved to find a barista in the Coffee Connection (Deck 5 midships) serving up your favourite coffee based concoctions. This venue also features an adjacent outdoor space on the Promenade Deck which is really a lovely touch. Naturally – it’s all included.

Speaking of the Promenade deck, it really is more like a large balcony. It is entirely truncated both ends by the lifeboats, meaning those wanting to walk around the ship need to seek out the higher decks.

Drinks. All bars, in room and everywhere else throughout the ship are open and complimentary. Those who have experienced this on other lines often find that some popular beverages are considered top shelf and are extra cost, or that there is a limit on how many drinks you can have per day. Throw that concept out the window as you won’t find it here. There are of course options to purchase truly top shelf wines and spirits, many of which are rare or vintage. There are a smattering of well known Aussie labels served however the wine list is truly international. It’s a good opportunity to let your taste buds go exploring.

I did note that while all tables were set with large wine glasses, the servings poured were small to say the least. I’ve never understood why ships do this… perhaps this is meant to be elegant but I find it somewhat frustrating when barely two sips later it is time to wave the wine waiter down again.

Shore excursions – awesome news here – they’re included in all ports. You may take as many tours in each port as you can reasonably achieve each day. There are some offered at extra cost that feature helicopter rides or more exclusive experiences however most of us will find more than enough to do in each port – and how nice that its all included… just relax and go exploring! Shuttles are also provided complimentary where the ship is further away from town or docked in a security area.

Staff and service – as a veteran of many cruises I’ve become somewhat immune to the onboard crew on many ships being – shall we say – barely friendly? On this ship however I immediately noted genuine smiles from everyone – especially at reception which traditionally is where you’re most likely to find the least friendly crew. How refreshing!

Shopping – there are two boutiques onboard (Deck 4) – which from what I could see looked, naturally, high end. I would have liked to check the sizes of clothing offered but with the ship being in port of course the shops were closed. When open they are duty free.

WiFi – yes, this too is included. There is a small business centre (Deck 5) should you have wisely left your laptop at home. On this note, all Regent ships will soon be upgraded with StarLink technology, hopefully eradicating the frustrating and expensive internet usually ‘featured’ on most ships.

Final thoughts – this ship is one classy lady. No one, no matter what your budget, will find this ship to be stuffy or that you need to own a small Caribbean Island to fit in. Luxury means very different things to different people and as such Regent offers a small, well appointed ship that does just that, offering whatever luxury you could wish for. For that, I suspect, Seven Seas Explorer achieves this splendidly.

Resilient Lady

Resilient Lady reviewed by: Kathy Fossati

Date: 14 December 2023

Cruise line and ship: Virgin Voyages – Resilient Lady

Size of ship: 278 metres (912 feet) in length – 110,000 tons

Passenger capacity: 2,762 (1410 staterooms) & 1,150 Crew

Year built: 2022

Where the ship cruises: Mostly Australia, New Zealand, The South Pacific, Europe & The Mediterranean

Currency onboard: USD

Embarkation/disembarkation: With check-in done online prior to boarding and boarding beginning at allotments from 2pm, it’s a really streamlined embarkation. There are no bar codes, no boarding docs or luggage tags, and nothing in the app (other than your itinerary). As long as you’ve checked in, bring your passport/ID and completed your health-screening, you are good to head to the terminal! Disembarkation was very fast!

Main features/highlights: We may be a little biased but there are almost too many to list. The 20+ eateries including Mexican to Italian, Korean and everything in between is definitely a highlight. We love that wifi, essential drinks and all the fitness and wellbeing classes are included. The lightweight ‘Band’ worn on your wrist, is made from recycled ocean plastic and is wonderful smart technology that allows you to access your room, make onboard purchases and pay for the drinks tab.

The overall space and design are refreshing. Virgin has shaken up what the traditional cruise scene is about.

Most suited to: Absolutely anyone at any age, especially those who like to have fun. You can get involved in everything or nothing at all. There are a lot of fitness and wellness programs to choose from, both indoor and outdoors.

The line unabashedly courts LGBTQ+ travellers, and that inclusivity is on display in Virgin’s entertainment casting as well. The feeling is an energetic, upscale, adults-only ship that’s designed to entertain at every turn. The vibe is social and upbeat, whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple or with friends. But of course, you can simply sit back and relax too.

Atmosphere: From the moment you arrive at the terminal you have a sense you’re amongst friends. The staff were incredibly friendly and nothing was too much to ask for. The ambiance is contemporary, and design-savvy spaces.  The Resilient Lady is well laid out with almost many places to laze around on the deck or inside at one of the many lounge areas.

Staterooms: We were able to inspect numerous sized staterooms and suites, all were impeccably designed. The rooms even the Seaview Terrace are very spacious and the beds are incredibly comfortable.  The bathrooms are wonderful with rainfall showerheads, and the hammock on the balcony is a great addition.

Dining: With 20+ eateries and not enough time to get to them all, the restaurants and food that we did experience were outstanding and abundant of choice in food and cuisines. Here is a snapshot of what you can choose from –

  • The Galley- casual, quick dining
  • The Test Kitchen- part restaurant/part cooking school
  • Wake- Steak/Seafood restaurant features views of the ship’s wake
  • Gunbae- Korean Barbeque Restaurant
  • Pink Agave- Mexican Restaurant
  • Extra Virgin- Italian Eatery
  • Dock- Beach-club inspired Mediterranean Restaurant
  • The Pizza Place- Beach -club-inspired pizzeria
  • Razzle Dazzle- Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant with a juice and cocktail bar
  • The Dock – Outdoor eatery


Highlights: The food, accommodation and Scarlet Night was terrific. The performances didn’t disappoint, spectacular, interactive and very unique.

Entertainment: It’s no surprise with Sir Richard Branson at the helm, Virgin Voyages has some of the best entertainment at sea! Although, it may not be for everyone. The entertainment is far from Broadway-style theatre.

The Red Room is the only venue on the ship that has traditional theater seating, though it retracts to create a standing-room experience for shows.  Miss Behave is a show held in the Red Room that comes from the Edinburgh fringe festival and can only be described as a DIY existential Drag game show. Scarlet Night is the ship’s marquee event consisting of a series of games, microtheater, costumes and more across the entire ship. It culminates in a mega party at the main pool.

Family facilities: None! This is an over 18s only cruise line.

Inclusions: All dining, including specialty restaurants (though a few menu items may cost extra), gratuities (though this doesn’t include the spa), soft drinks, shows in The Manor and the Red Room, daily activities onboard, use of the gym and fitness areas, as well as group classes and Wi-Fi.

Exclusions: Shore excursions, Squid Ink tattoo palour, spa treatments, thermal suit visits, and alcoholic beverages.


Crystal Symphony


Reviewed by: Carla Di Mento

Date: December 2023

Cruise line and ship: Crystal Symphony

Cruise name or itinerary: Melbourne to Sydney

Passenger capacity: 606

Year built: 1995 (refurb: 2023)

Size of the ship: 51,044 gross tonnes

Where the ship cruises: Worldwide     

Currency onboard: USD

Embarkation/disembarkation: Always easy as there are numerous crew to assist and only a small number of passengers.


Main features/highlights: Exceptional at Sea’ Crystal Symphony is all you would expect in a luxury cruise brand and yet it is delivered in such an understated, quiet way you feel immediately welcomed and at home.

Special touches such as butler service in every suite, complimentary wines, spirits and champagne throughout the ship and canapes discreetly offered at every turn give you the sense of luxury while you enjoy all the facilities you would expect on board including multiple dining options, a pool, library, Broadway-style shows and intimate lounges. 

A major refurbishment in 2023 has seen the removal of the casino and the expansion of public spaces.

Most suited to: 55+ people who enjoy a leisurely cruise. 

Absolutely nothing on this entire ship is hurried, busy or crowded as the small number of passengers means there are lots of places to lose yourself!

Crystal wants guests to feel confident and relaxed throughout their stay and suggests casual, tidy attire by day with the chance to step it up in the evening with an evening resort look and the opportunity to really glam up with cocktail chic attire on formal nights (For sailings over seven days, there will be at least one optional ship-wide formal night)

Atmosphere: Quiet, stately and elegant with some of the dining and public spaces having received a funky, modern update. There are many places where you can get away on this ship just to sit and read, play boardgames, join a game of bridge or just contemplate the sea.

Staterooms: Since being acquired by A&K Travel Group in June 2022, she has had a major refit with two new guest room categories added including the Single Guest Room with Ocean View, a great option for solo travellers. With many of the guestrooms and suites upgraded in 2023, there are still some classic and 2017 refurbished cabins available in the Aquamarine and Sapphire suite categories for those who prefer a more classic style.

Interconnecting suites on deck 9 offer a fabulous option for guests travelling with families with a suite leading off each side of a small entranceway that can be locked off from the main corridor.


My Sapphire Verandah Suite, 8014 was on deck 8 and featured the most incredible full size bathroom with a huge shower, a walk in wardrobe and lounge area separate from the bedroom, a real treat to have so much space. The only thing lacking was a full length mirror!

Accommodation decks are mainly from 7 to 10, with 5 and 6 for dining and entertainment and decks 11 and 12 for dining, sunning and sports. Guest laundries are on each accommodation deck, or you can splash out and use the valet service. Holidays are too short for washing and ironing!


Dining: Guests will be spoilt for choice with the array of casual and upscale eateries on offer such as Tastes Kitchen & Bar, Trident Grill, The Bistro Cafe, Marketplace Buffet or the main Waterside Restaurant which serves modern, international cuisine with beautiful ocean views.

Complimentary reservations to each of the two specialty restaurants, the glorious Umi Uma by Nobu and the intimate Osteria d’Ovidio are included at least once for all voyages up to 11 days and additional reservations can be made at a cost of $50 USD per person. 


For those looking for a more curated experience, The Vintage room is a unique gourmet food and wine pairing restaurant that can be exclusively booked for up to 12 people. The Chef’s and Sommeliers will work with you to craft the perfect menu and wine selection for your party. While expensive, this would be a very special experience for an onboard occasion.




    • The Galaxy Lounge (Deck 6) – This is the main show lounge featuring everything from Broadway quality productions to comedians and lectures. With tiered seating, the view is good if not spectacular from all seats. Drink service is provided before each show.
    • The Palm Court (Deck 11) This big elegant space at the front of the ship evokes a Palm Court feel from the 1930s with big comfortable chairs and a sumptuous feel. A perfect venue for afternoon tea or a trip around the dance floor with the onboard dance hosts.
    • The Hollywood Theatre – A movie theatre with popcorn and one that shows some fairly new releases this space also doubles as a venue for guest lectures and religious services.
    • Jade Night Club – An intimate lounge for a late night drink and dancing. While we were on board, DJ Viviano, one of Studio 54’s original DJ’s was at the decks playing an array of hits from the 70’s and 80’s. While I opted for an earlier night, the feedback around this space was fabulous
    • Avenue Saloon – A moody piano bar that plays an array of jazz and blues serves as a perfect spot for a pre-dinner cocktail!
    • Starlite Club – An entertainment lounge featuring dancing, cabaret performances and other themed events on select evenings. We enjoyed watching a vocal/guitar duo perform one evening.

Family facilities: Crystal Symphony offers both Wave’s Teen centre and Fantasia Children’s playground for younger cruisers.

Inclusions: Beverages including select fine wines, champagne, premium spirits, and all nonalcoholic beverages such as bottled water, soft drinks, and specialty coffees. All dining options (except The Vintage Room) and at least one night at each specialty restaurant. Butler service, gratuities, 24 hour room service and WiFi are also all included in your cruise fare.

Exclusions: Shore excursions, spa services and premium alcoholic beverages.


Dress codes: On non-formal nights a long sleeve shirt and pants are totally acceptable for Gents, no need for a jacket while Ladies can feel relaxed in a smart dress or pants. On formal nights guests can really go to town!

Spa and Fitness Facilities: Located on Deck 11 there is a well-equipped gym with an instructor and the excellent  Aurora spa which offers a multitude of treatments.

Insider tips: Try and experience dining at all of the eatery options. Scoops Ice cream bar is a wonderful treat on a sunny day!

Self-service laundry: Available on all decks except Deck 9.

Grand Princess

Reviewed by: Malcolm Leyland

Date:  October 2023

Cruise line and ship: Princess Cruises  – Grand Princess

Size of ship: 290 meters in length – 122,000 grt

Passenger capacity: 3,100 max (crew 1,100)    Year built: 1997

Year refurbished/revitalised: March 2019

Currency onboard: USD, however, on select Australian-based itineraries, the onboard currency is in Australian dollars.

I was fortunate enough to be invited along to board the lovely Grand Princess as she was docked in Carrington Port, Newcastle. This 2600 passenger ship couldn’t be missed as we round the bend into the port, definitely giving us a big ship feel, however once onboard there was this lovely small ship aspect with plenty of lounges and nooks to carve out some privacy of your own.
The Grand Princess is the oldest ship in the Princess fleet, however the feeling of the ship was anything but! The ship has been decked out with popular Princess eateries like Alferdos Pizzeria, Coffee and Cones and the Salty Dog Grill to ensure that the quintessential Princess vibe remains intact.
Whilst onboard, we were taken through all the areas of the ship, from the beautifully decorated atrium and fully specced kids club to the secluded private sanctuary on the upper outside deck. There really was something for everyone.
Princess talks about the importance of the Medallion system and how it is transforming the cruise experience. Medallion allows guests to have touchless embarkation and disembarkation, Keyless stateroom entry, on-demand food and drink anywhere onboard the ship, Guest Services chat and entertainment content via smart devices.  This allows their guests to tailor the experience to what suits them best.
In addition, the new features of the Princess Plus and Premier packages are wonderful. Specifically (now included with Plus and Premier) the new casual dining concept is designed to give their passengers more choice.
With casual dining options, guests can choose from a selection of restaurants and enjoy an a la carte meal in a purpose-built sit-down restaurant rather than taking food away poolside or eating at the buffet. There are still plenty of food options for those that don’t wish to utilise casual dining with freshly made pizzas, burgers, street tacos and more offered poolside.
There are 3 kids clubs onboard for guests ages 3 through to 17. The range of activities available meant children of any age would have plenty to do onboard. This being said Princess is really family-friendly, but not family-focused.
One huge standout while visiting the Grand Princess was the friendly team onboard willing to greet us along the way, whilst also ensuring that all the guests were being well looked after. It was clear Princess still has a large focus on customer service.
Finally, our hosts finished our day in one of the main dining rooms and treated us to a selection of food offered onboard. Again our wait staff were outstanding and nothing was too hard for them, however, the real standout was the delightful food. Princess really did have something for everyone onboard and nobody left hungry!
Thanks again to Princess and our wonderful hosts, it was a wonderful day and lovely to be onboard.

Diamond Princess

Reviewed by:  Tina Wheelock, Cruise Express

Sailed: ex Yokohama, Japan

Date: October 2023

Cruise line and ship: Princess – Diamond Princess

Size of ship: 116,000 tonnes

Passenger capacity: 2,670

Year built: 2004

Last refurbished: 2022

Currency onboard: USD

Language onboard: As the is EX Yokohama there was an English and Japanese Cruise Director and all announcements were in both languages.



Arrival: I flew into Haneda, one of the 2 main airports in Tokyo. The other airport is Narita. Of the 2 airports, Haneda is the most convenient to the centre of Tokyo, only a 20 minutes train journey. You can purchase a “Suica” rail ticket ( similar to Opalcard) and this can be topped up. The train system is initially daunting but after the initial experience, you will notice the system is very well explained at each station.

There is also a direct train service to Yokohama City. A wonderfully vibrant city. The 2nd largest outside Tokyo. I would recommend a 1 or 2 night pre-cruise.



Shinjuku in the heart of Tokyo. The busiest train station in the world with up to 3 million people passing through every day.

Sake Study and Lunch pairing

Nighttime in the Golden Gai area of Tokyo

Take Yen as cards and not accepted in many places and English is not as fluent in most parts of Japan

Busan –  Centre of Town and the Cultural Village of Gamecheon is worth pre-booking as a shore tour

Nagasaki-Port is also in the Centre of Town. You can tour/taxi or Tram to The Peace Park and in the area it is worth visiting the Atomic Bomb Museum.



The Cruise port is in the Centre of town which makes for a very smooth Embarkation and Disembarkation Process. As mentioned it is also a short train ride to the Cruise port from Haneda and as we cruised with Princess we booked a return transfer to the airport. Just $44 and only about 44 minutes to Haneda. It was a very seamless process and I would highly recommend.


Premium Balcony – Caribe Deck Cabin C331 on the Starboard side.

The spacious 237 to 277-square-foot Premium Balcony stateroom is appointed with the same amenities as our Balcony stateroom.  Select staterooms feature a large balcony of 88 square feet and/or have a rear-facing balcony from which to enjoy dramatic wake views. Some staterooms also have pullman beds to accommodate 3rd and 4th passengers.

Balcony with sliding glass door, two large sun chairs and a small round table. 





Main dining – Al a carte Savoy and Vivald

Buffet Restaurant Horizon Court – Deck 14

Prego Pizza and Trident Grill – Deck 14 poolside. Serviing Pizza’s, Chips . Burgers, Hot Dogs.

Swirls – Free ice cream all-day 

plus you can order fresh Juices and Premium desserts ( Which are included in the Plus package)


Princess Theatre Deck 6 and 7


Fitness Centre, Beauty Salon, Lotus Spa Pool Steam room and Sauna are all on Deck 15 Forward

Movies under the Stars – Deck 14

Kids Club -Deck 14

Izumi Spa – Deck 15: Additonal Fee ($25 for 1.5hrs) You can access private outdoor Spa and Sun Lounges, Sauna, Spa and outdoor showers.

The Sanctuary -Deck 16: An outdoor area for an additional fee




Good Spirits Deck 5

Wheelhouse Bar/Explorers Lounger /Crooners Bar and Club Fusion -Deck 7

Mermaid’s Tail Bar – At the Main Pool Area Deck 14

Outrigger Bar – overlooking the Horizon Terrace at the aft of the ship. Lovely for a pre-dinner drink.

Calypso Bar – Deck 14 indoor pool -Calypso

Tradewinds Bar – Deck 15

Speciality Dining (additional cost)

Kai Sushi


Sterling Steakhouse

Outrigger Bar – overlooking the Horizon Terrace at the aft of the ship. Lovely for a pre-dinner drink.

Plus package – Example of a Premium Dessert ( This is why you need the Fitness Classes)



Izumi Japanese Spa

Izumi, modelled after a traditional Japanese bath or “onsen” features indoor and outdoor Japanese bathing experiences, including steam rooms, saunas, and hot tubs with spectacular ocean views. Exclusively on Diamond Princess®, it is the largest Japanese bath of its kind at sea and offers guests a chance to experience a little of a popular Japanese pastime. Men and women have separate facilities, except for one outdoor hot tub where suits are required.

Medallion App

Was an excellent tool once onboard the ship.

You can connect with friends onboard.

Location Facilities

Book shore tours and experience onboard

Order food and drinks to your location on the ship without having to move from your seats

Check you account

Check daily activities

Review Port guides